Australian Rules Football in Boston

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Well, I finally got myself to get out and check out the Boston Demons. The Demons are an Australian Rules Football club here in the Boston area.

I have known about them for some time, but never made it down to check it out. A few weeks ago I contacted the club and asked to be put on their email list. Little did I know I would be added to the players’ distribution list. Now that I was getting all the updates that the players get I was informed of all goings on.

Turns out that there was an itrasquad tune up for an upcoming game against the footy club from Philadelphia. I decided that I would go have a look see.

I emailed a local Bulldogs supporter that I knew from a Bulldogs message board and gave him the details. He sad that he would be down to check it out also.

I had ‘introduced’ myself to the club via an email out the the group and told them I would be coming to to have a look see. I was chastised immediately and told that if I was going down I better be prepared to play, or at least help out in some fashion.

When I showed up Saturday afternoon I was greeted immediately by the coach and playing group. My Bulldog friend had already arrived. The coach asked us if we were willing to help out running water or gathering the ball after goals. Not very glamorous stuff to be sure, but I was glad to get involved.

After the game, which ended in a draw, my bulldog friend and I had a kick. This was the first time that I had had a chance to have a real kick with an adult.

My goal is to get myself into reasonable shape and be able to go have a run with the Dees as often as my schedule will allow next season.

It was great to finally be able to lay my eyes on some in person footy action. It was no AFL, but the level of play was very enjoyable.

I hope to be back August 25 when the Dees take on the Philadelpha Hawks at Bunker Hill Community College at 3:00PM

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