2004’s effect

The Red Sox World Series victory has taken the dread out of it all.

Pre-2004 when the Sox would find themselves in a tight game, trailing by a run, you had no hope.  There was no way that they could find a way.

And if they actually found themselves ahead?  Ghosts of Buckner and Little.

As I sat watching Game 3 tonight, never was I wrought with dread.  Okaji serves up a 3 run shot to get the Rockies back within a run and I shrugged it off.

And, hell, when Papelbon came on I was flipping channels between pitches.  No fear.

I am not entirely sure that is a good thing.

Oh, and what was with the turd behind home plate?  Trying to become the new Wheels On The Bus Lady from Shea Stadium circa 1986?

0 thoughts on “2004’s effect

  1. 2004 was (literally) a cry-tears-of-joy moment. 2007 has been a sit-back-and-admire-the-team moment. Yes, different, but both are excellent.

    Unlike Pat, however, I still cling to the fatalistic leanings which have burdened me most of my life… I kept figuring the boys would find a way to blow it.

    Here’s to not blowing it! Go Sox!


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