Hey, We Got a Baby Standing Over Here!

She just started the last day or so.  She is so proud of herself when she gets up, goes back down and is still in total control.

These are the last times I will witness all of these firsts.  My wife keeps telling the kids to “STOP GROWING!”, but they don’t listen.

0 thoughts on “Hey, We Got a Baby Standing Over Here!

  1. Sup Pat!

    Your blog rocks! You aren’t boring! You are hella rad! No doubt!

    I’m sorry I haven’t commented for you before now, I’m also sorry that I haven’t linked to you yet…but that problem is all solved now!


  2. Well, the annoyingly boring does have a question mark.

    Self deprecation is my thing I guess. “rocks” might be strong, but I do think I get a good one off once in a while.

    And I didn’t add you to my blogroll looking for reciprocation – but I’ll take it.


  3. to see the results scroll to the bottom of the page.

    Good times.

    I was blogging before I ever really realized it. And doing it the hard way, what with editing my index.htm every time out.


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