Yup, Fantasy Football. I know… BORING.

Seasons are winding down, Monday Night Football will mark the end of the regular season in both of my leagues.

I will be in the playofffs in one, the other – not so much. I have an outside shot at playing in the consolation bracket though.

The Magic Monkeys stand at 6-7 and if Drew Brees coughs up a MONSTER hairball I could move to 7-7 and secure 7th place in a 12 team league.

Footscray FC stand at 11-2 and unless Drew Brees has a MONSTER game will move to 12-2 and finish atop the standings in their 10 game league (with the next teams at 9-5).

0 thoughts on “Yup, Fantasy Football. I know… BORING.

  1. Brees had a Monster game and I lost both my games this weekend. Footscray will be the #1 seed. The Monkeys get to play in the losers, for amusement only, fake playoffs.


  2. You know what would rock…we should so get a FF league going for next year…just bloggers league…I was in three leagues this year…playoffs, playoffs and not even close.


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