Email Outages

If you sent me any email in thew last several days that you really needed a response to and haven’t gotten it… don’t put me on the naughty list just yet.

My host had to reinstall the mail server on my account as every day the last several my mail stopped getting to me. It seems that each day they had to reboot it, and finally they got sick of me reopening the same support ticket. It hasn’t been a great week for them.

Most days mail would seem to trickle in after the reboot, but now where there was a full rebuild, I don’t want to assume anything.

So, feel free to resend those missives.

0 thoughts on “Email Outages

  1. Yeah. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and….

    On the plus side, things have been working correctly for a couple days straight now.

    …running to knock on wood.


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