It Looks Like It Was Just a One Year Hiatus

Four of the last five years I have taken a plunge into the icy waters of the George Lane Beach (“New” Beach to the locals) in North Weymouth on New Year’s day. The original organizer and driving force behind the “Wessagussett Eskimo Club” plunge moved away (Hey Marc: not far enough away to come back to take a dip) a couple years ago so things sort of fizzled out. In our glory days we had T-Shirts and everything! We were the cool kids doing the New Year’s swim just because it was something stupid to do.


Sure there are bigger and more established groups out there. But they are all about the hype, we did it knowing we wouldn’t be on TV, nobody would care, and even those driving past the beach would just shake their heads and keep driving. Oh, sure some of these New Year swim groups raise money for charities. But again I say; we are in it for the pure stupidity of it all. And there is something to be said for pure stupidity. I am not sure what it is, but there is something to be said.

So as our head Eskimo bowed out things fell asunder and and last year there was no swim.

Or so I though!

Turns out that there is still a small group that makes the effort to play chicken with hypothermia each New Year’s.

I will make my triumphant return to the water in 2008! I invite anyone with in driving distance to join me. Details to follow.

new years swim 014

0 thoughts on “It Looks Like It Was Just a One Year Hiatus

  1. I will try and return to the shores. With a 4th child expected anytime after the 1st of the year the odds may not be in favor. But as far as stupidity goes, I’m in (4 kids) sorry Pat you truly are one step beyond!


  2. Dude, Where are your shoes and Winter Clothes? Shrinkage is not a mans best friend remember.. LOL
    I would so be there if I was close enough…


  3. Before is not wise. Makes things all that much colder. Although being New Years’ Day, I don’t doubt that some of us still have a some amount of blood mixed in with the alcohol in our veins. err, wait….

    After, sure!


  4. As one of the OE’s (Original Eskimos) I take umbridge at the stupidity label. Foolish, retarted, sick, f**cking crazy I’ll wear with pride, but stupid! I remember the wise words of Dean Wormer “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.” As of that very day(or the next, I can’t recall as I was in a black out) I have turned my back to the “stupid” excuse and embraced the fat and drunk side. I say this is a act of defiance to Old Man Winter..kinda like in Braveheart when they waved thier tallywackers at the British. Fun to do but also with that general F.U. message. Anyways good luck this year. I’ll throw an ice cube down my shorts that day just so I can be with y’all in spirit!


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