Silent Night

We got a foot of snow today. Actually got a night off of work because of it. I was on my way in and called my boss to let her know about when to expect me and she told me to turn around and go home. Didn’t have to tell me twice.

I had shoveled a couple times real quick during the day, but when the heavy snow started coming down around 5:00pm I just let it pile up. It was expected to stop around 11:00pm so I would just go out then.

Sure enough the snow tapered off right around 11:00pm and I put an extra sweatshirt, my Red Sox windbreaker, gloves and hat on and headed out. The snow was light and fluffy for the most part and the shoveling was pretty easy.

Near the end of my shoveling (it took me about an hour), I took a breather and just stood at the bottom of the driveway for a bit and looked around. There was nobody else out shoveling or snow blowing so it was very quiet, peaceful even.

I am not a overtly religious guy, but I could not help to admire God’s handiwork. Just a few flakes in the air, calm, temperatures moderating, clear sky. It was breathtaking. Thanked him for everything, including the snow (even if it is a pain to deal with).

It was just one of those moments. I must have stood there for a good five minutes talking out loud (as I said there was nobody else around to think me odd) congratulating and thanking him and just enjoying the scene.

shovels 034

And this my friends, is a gratitude post. Took me half the month to find one.