If A Man Jumps Into A Freezing Ocean…

And nobody is there to join him, is he still an idiot (and will he still do it)?

I am feeling very little love in getting the “Wessagussett Eskimo Club” back in full functionality.   As previously mentioned I am thinking that I will be returning to the icy waters of Quincy Bay on New Year’s Day.  Now it seems that there is not the groundswell that  I thought there was for going for a dip.

I have sent an email out to a number of people who have been before, and to a number of potential new Eskimos.  Haven’t heard a single word back.  Nothing! I have tried to recruit a handful of people face to face and they all seem to have drives to Connecticut, or have to work, or  will be clipping their guinea pig’s nails or…. You get the idea.

Now, I know the idea of running headlong into the North Atlantic is a bit of a wild idea, but there has to be more fools out there to join me. And I know that my organization efforts have not been entirely fervent, but there just has to be some people out there who want to ring in the new year in a most excellent manner.

Tomorrow I will have to huddle up with the folks from church who have committed to going in to see if we plan to still show up if it is just a couple of us.  Heck, even my wife has stated that she has no intention of going out – not that she swam, but she is my photographer and moral support.

If we go, it will be at 10:00am at the George Lane Beach, North Weymouth, MA.   Perhaps I show up, just to see if anyone shows.  Yes, I think I owe myself that.

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