01.01.08 Swim, George Lane Beach, North Weymouth MA

As previously mentioned here I had done a New Year Day’s swim for several years prior to last year. I didn’t go last year as I assumed there was no swim. Turns out there was , or so I am told. So I decided I would make an effort and head over again this year. Problem was there was little to no organization and aside from people I invited turnout was, errr, sparse.

I arrived in the parking lot about 9:55am. Waited for people to show up. Michael turned up just about 10:00. He announced that he couldn’t wait around so if we weren’t going in by 10:05 then he would have to head home. (He was expecting 30 people at his house for a New Year’s brunch).

The only other guy I knew for sure was planning on taking the plunge was Marc. Now Marc’s wife is due with their fourth child any moment so although I knew he wanted to swim, I also knew he was not a sure thing. But God bless him, he rolled into the lot around 10:03. As he pulled up I flashed him three fingers. That was all there was.

As we couldn’t wait it turned out there were just three hardy souls to make the plunge. Before we crossed the street to the beach we took a moment and decided if we wanted to do it with just three. We did.

Continue for more and pictures…


L-R Me, Michael, Marc

With little fanfare (the only spectators were Michael’s & Marc’s kids) we headed to the shoreline. The tide was going out and less than 2 hours from being low. This made the last twenty feet of the ‘run to the fun’ a rocky affair. I have a few nicks on the bottom of my feet to remind me of my swim.


Brave? Stupid? I don’t know but see if you notice a trend with the next three pictures…




Yup, First in. Furthest in. Last out. Don’t know if it’s something to be proud of, but it is what it is.

By the time we made it out of the water Marc’s in-laws had shown up to provide support, and donut holes.

Many thanks to Michael and Marc. To Marc’s daughter for doing an amazing job on the camera (especially for a kid)! Thanks also to Marc’s in-laws for just showing up (and the donut holes).

Each year I forget how much of a positive experience the New Year’s Day swim is. Once you get in and out the feeling really is extremely invigorating. You feel ALIVE. I find the only thing that does not warm right back up is your feet especially the toes. But even those thaw out soon enough.

If you are reading this and within normal driving distance of a New Year Day’s swim. I urge you to go out and do it next year. You won’t regret it. Michael was a first timer and already he has told me that he looks forward to next year.

The rest of the photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bostonpat/sets/72157603606703268/

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  1. The patriot ledger lists the swim as starting at 12noon with registration beginning at 11 ($10 each…money goes to wildcat dungeon). My son and I have done the plunge in Humarock the last few years, but figure this year we will swim with the home town crowd. So if you are there at noon, count 2 more to your crowd…


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