It Helps To Click The “Send” Button

I wrote back on December 30 that I was not getting much response to my recruitment efforts for my recent New Year’s Day Swim.

PG Wrote…..

I have sent an email out to a number of people who have been before, and to a number of potential new Eskimos.  Haven’t heard a single word back.

I noticed tonight that the email was still in my drafts.


0 thoughts on “It Helps To Click The “Send” Button

  1. I totally bawled someone out over Christmas for not turning up to collect me when they were supposed to.

    Last that night I found the message I’d sent sitting snugly in my drafts on my phone.



  2. We just switched to a new email client that requires me to hit the send/receive button, otherwise it just sits there in the outbox. So far I’ve forgotten to send at least a half dozen time-sensitive emails in the last few weeks. So anyway, I hear ya.

    Jeff’s last blog post..It’s left for me


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