Brewed and Bottled, Now the Hard Part

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part

I received a Mr. Beer Home Brewing kit for Christmas this year, well actually I received two but turned one into a Target gift card. I brewed my first batch a couple weeks ago and bottled it this afternoon.

Now it has to carbonate and condition. The manual states at least seven days, but everything I have read says the longer the better. I figure I will give it a couple weeks minimum. Maybe Super Bowl Sunday I will bust some of it out. That will be just shy of three weeks. Maybe I will open a bottle on the Saturday before to make sure it is drinkable before I bring it to a Super Bowl party.

I enjoyed the process and look forward to my next batch. This time out I brewed Bewitched Red Ale (a la Killian’s). Don’t know what will be next up.

Funny story from the brew process…
A couple weeks back, when I was ready to brew, my oldest had said that he wanted to help. So when the time came I stuck my head out the back door and yelled down to him (he was about 3 houses away playing fooball) to come home. I yelled “I’M GOING TO BREW!” He and his friends all thought I was shouting “I’M GOING TO POO!”.  They thought me quite odd.

0 thoughts on “Brewed and Bottled, Now the Hard Part

  1. My brother almost burned his first marriage home to the ground from messing with brew kits.

    Having tasted some of it over the years I’d prefer to be trapped in a buring building than drink his again.

    Hope your’s turns out great!

    Xbox4NappyRash’s last blog post..I’m Sterile


  2. Dude, I am a huge beer fan…perhaps we should get a beer site going with reviews and home brewing how tos? What are some of your favorite beers? I love TommyKnocker’s Imperial Ale and Troeg’s Troegenator personally…to name a couple I currently dig. Peace.


  3. If you were a bit higher class and taught your kids to call it BM instead of poo, there probably would have been less confusion.

    Then again, that could negatively impact your kids’ popularity…


  4. The poo must have started with one of his friends… “What did your Dad just say, he is going to POO?”

    My kids have plenty of names for it, but poo is not one you don’t usually hear in the house.


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