If I Only Had A Brain

Well so much for getting those few random thoughts out freeing up space and making everything run better….

We needed a few things this morning.  Just simple things like milk and yogurt.
The Explorer never went anywhere yesterday so the snow from yesterdays storm is still piled on it a bit.
I brushed it off while I was shoveling yesterday, but the windows got crusty with snow/ice.
I am lazy.

So, after Ms. Kindergarten got on the bus, I ran out to start the Explorer.
This way the car would be warm for the baby and I wouldn’t have to scrape the windshield and windows.
I came back in, had a bowl of cereal and looked at the baby.
She looked sleepy already – she had been up a fair amount last night as she is still fighting a cold.
Since she looked sleepy I thought I would sit with her and see if she nods off.
After about 10 minutes she fell asleep.

I put her down.
I grabbed some laundry to put in.
I  finished emptying the dishwasher, and reloaded it.
I sat down at the computer and started putzing around.

I go upstairs to get another load of laundry put together and I realize that it sounds like there is a truck outside.
Ooooh, a delivery maybe – UPS, FedEx?  Everyone likes deliveries!

Errr, no.  It’s the Explorer idiot.

It had been running for about 45 minutes.


0 thoughts on “If I Only Had A Brain

  1. Oh, I well aware of it. I was quoted recently as saying (about my wife’s ability to producing fine kids), “even working from behind the eight ball that is my DNA!”


  2. I am embarassed to admit how many times I have done this. Seriously at least 6 times I can think of right now. Once I left my car running in the parking lot of Target during Black Friday. My girlfriend and I were walking towards the car and I am like “why is my car look like it is smoking”.. Yep.. jackass me left if running for over an hour in a PACKED parking lot.. Luckily nobody wanted a Galant that day.. LOL

    Kim’s last blog post..Mommy Monster VS. Batman


  3. I have done that sooo many times. I have remote start. So I’ll start her up about 5 minutes before I leave on a cold day. There’s been times I’ve left it running for 30-45 minutes. Good thing I’ve never run out of gas…That would be bad, espoecially if nobody else is home! Glad you noticed it sooner than later!

    Brandy’s last blog post..Seven Random Facts MEME


  4. It takes a Big Man to admit he left it running for 45 minutes. Atleast it was the explorer you left getting warmed up and not the Mrs in the other room…..


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