45 Minutes Was Nothing!

As long time readers of my blog will note  anyone who has been around the last two days will note I once left my car running in my driveway for 45 minutes or so without realizing it.  Well, I am now here to announce that that was a mere moment compared to my idiotic maneuver today.

8:50 I went out to start the commuting car for my wife.   Sometimes I am nice like that. Wasn’t sure what time she had to leave for the office, but it seemed a reasonable time to start the car.  She was headed to a meeting at a different office so her departure time was solely dependent on that meeting’s start time.

Around 9:00ish my wife’s mobile rang.  It was one of her coworkers.  At one point I heard my wife say, “Oh, well that stinks”.  I didn’t think much of it.

9:05 I went about my usual routine, picked up the kitchen some, put some laundry away, general puttering.  My wife was still at home.  I didn’t think much of it.

9:15 My wife logged on to work from home.  I thought that it was odd if she was going to be leaving for work soon.  But I didn’t think much more of it than that.  I continued to putter.

10:00 I put the baby down for a nap I feel asleep with the baby on the couch.

11:20 started waking up from the ‘baby’s’ nap and my wife was still at the computer.  I thought, hmmm I wonder if that phone call she got was about the meeting being canceled.

11:45 Ms. Kindergarten got off the bus, went out side to greet here.  Obviouslly still groggy from the nap, didn’t notice the car was STILL RUNNING.

12:15 headed out with the baby and Ms. Kindergarten to Stop & Shop.  Heard a car running.  Knew it was NOT the Explorer.  Laughed at myself and wondered what 3 1/2 hours of gas cost.

I think that the car was nice and warm for my wife, who left for work shortly after we left for the market.

When you look up and see that gaping hole in the ozone layer, think fondly of me.

0 thoughts on “45 Minutes Was Nothing!

  1. Stay tuned till next week when Pat will leave his Explorer running for an entire evening – and undoubtedly wake up puzzled, wondering why all of his dreams that night were accompanied by the sounds of an idling vehicle…


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