Farewell, Goliath

The General Dynamic Goliath crane has towered over the Fore River Shipyard since I was just a tot. It is the largest crane of its type in North America. But is is not long for North America.

The shipyard closed in the 80’s and the crane has been idle since. The owner of the shipyard, who bought it at auction years ago, had been looking for a buyer for ages. He found one.

The crane will be dismantled and shipped off to Romania to be set up at a shipyard there. No small feat. The thing is 30 stories high and can lift 1,200 tons.

I still remember the days when the shipyard was actually in operation. It was never in its heyday during my day, but driving by seeing the workers with their lunch pails sticks in my head.

Now the crane is not a classic beauty, but it will be missed. The skyline will just seem empty without it. I am not in that neck of the woods that much, but nary a day went by growing up I didn’t lay eyes on Goliath.

0 thoughts on “Farewell, Goliath

  1. Funny story, back in ’86 or ’87 – on a dare from a few friendly rivals from Wollaston – a couple of friends of mine and I rappelled from Goliath.

    I have to admit it was one of the scariest yet most exhilarating experiences of my life. We were lucky to have chosen such a clear day for our trespassing; We brought binoculars, and from the top we could see all the way to the White Mountains. But with that stiff autumn breeze coming off the water, I’ll tell you what, I sure was glad I ‘chickened out’ and insisted on a harness…

    Oh to be young and so carefree again!


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