1,2,3,4,5… Meme Time!

My bloggy friend Kim from Jogging In Circles tagged me recently with what is supposed to be a quick meme. But I have to tell you, this meme took me longer than any other one I have ever been tagged with. What? Oh, so what if it is only my second one. Third if you count Telephone!

Anyway here goes, and make sure to visit and leave comments for those I tag at the end. You are going to read through to the end, right?

Name one thing you do every day:

  1. Something that is not autonomic? Hmm, eat. But even that is a required activity. Something I should do every day? Enter my mycokerewards.com points. They are piling up!

Name 2 things you wish you could learn:

  1. Play an instrument. My musical ability couldn’t fill a thimble. Well maybe I could learn, but I don’t seem to have the patience for it and we are getting to old dog/new tricks age.
  2. Be more outgoing and extroverted. I can be a painfully shy guy in the 3D world and don’t find it very easy to make new connections/relationships. Gonna try to make more of an effort on this one this year.

Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:

  1. Hummel figurines
  2. Wiffle balls
  3. Weeping willows

Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do:

  1. My wife’s pecan pie
  2. Authentic Mexican
  3. Veal saltimbocca
  4. A really good, expensive, make you a little bit aroused kind of steak.

Name 5 things/people that make you feel good:

  1. My kids, I am required to answer this, right?
  2. My wife, even when she is giving me grief she’s the best.
  3. Baseball. I can’t play for beans, but watching a game is heaven
  4. Hearing a song you really like on the radio. And not a currently popular song, but one that makes you shout, “Yeah!” and crank it up because it isn’t on nearly often enough. (ie, Jungleland) Sure I can play it anytime, but it coming on the radio is just different.
  5. My in-laws. Yup, you read that right!

There, that took too long to finish. But, you know what? Either way it was fun. Makes me think about things. I try not to think too much – honest. Now the tagees? Trying not to tag someone I tagged last time.

BMG Mom from Being a Mom is Great! – She needs another shot at a meme since she says she is “terrible with these meme things”. Practice makes perfect.

Russ and/or Jasper at Dads Who Mock the World – Don’t know if you guys do the meme thing, if not – no biggie.

Piper from Bliss in Bloom – because, well – she hasn’t done one since mid-December. Don’t know if she’s ignoring tags or just avoided them. Let’s find out!

Christine from Chicken Fried Therapy – Because she is funny as! And will be sure to make us all laugh with her comments (not that the others aren’t funny, but yah know).

Excuse me, I have to go tag these people now. Thanks for reading.

0 thoughts on “1,2,3,4,5… Meme Time!

  1. whoa! thanks for the props!! going to have to think of something sharp & witty for this one. the pressure…

    meanwhile any inspiration you’ve provided with w8loss wed was wiped out in one fell swoop with the 4 foods listed. yum. I want all of those for an afternoon snack.

    I am, in fact, going for texmex tonite….sorry to rub it in.

    thanks for the tag!!!

    christine’s last blog post..Angels Don’t Work For Nothin’


  2. Well, evidently I have earned a reputation for avoiding meme’s like the plague… so good of you to notice.

    This tag doesn’t feel like a chore, and I’m super excited to be listed in the tag mix. Also, BMG is a tagger that I accidently forgot to follow through with… so, I will do this in her honor as well… somehow.

    Hummel figurines made me LOL. 😉

    thanks for the tag!!!

    Piper of Love’s last blog post..“Is that Jesus?”


  3. Hummel figurines? Interesting..
    The Weeping Willow is my numero uno tree.. love it..
    But what got me going was the radio one.. I am the nut in the car with the tunes cranked loud (sans kids) of some song no one has heard of in like 20 years.. LOVE IT!!
    Thanks for playing!! You tagged some pretty fierce bloggers.. nice job!

    Kim’s last blog post..Huge Sighs of Relief


  4. 1. My wife’s pecan pie
    2. Authentic Mexican
    3. Veal saltimbocca
    4. A really good, expensive, make you a little bit aroused kind of steak.




  5. Yeah, I hope I make my husband’s list, the same way your wife does yours. Cause even when I want to strangle him, I still love him to heck.

    But, actually, I have to agree with #5. My mil might be a pita (along with his grandma), but I love my fil and mil and my 2 bils!!! 😀 Plus the 1 bil’s wife 😀 and my nephews and niece from them. So…:-)

    Happy Hoppin’

    Hookin’ Angel


  6. Awww, maaaan (as my kids would say)….

    I just need practice, eh? Okay….just for you, PG! Thanks for thinking of me!

    I’m with you on the Hummel figurines! I’m right there with Kim, too, who loves to sing at the top of her lungs in the car (except I do it with the kids in the car and we all sing to John Mayer).

    Loved your meme!!

    I’m off now to do more blog hoppin’!

    bimmgee (aka BMG Mom)’s last blog post..Free Rice – A Site with a Purpose


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