Two Minute Minor: Illegal Equipment

Dial Soap, to the penalty box!

We’ve been using Dial soap in our household for years. I grew up using Dial soap. Sometime in the last not to distant past, Dial soap said, “We don’t care about our long time user PG”. It’s obvious.  The formula hasn’t changed.  Not that I can tell at least.  But the shape of the bars.  What the heck happened?

Somebody decided to go all wacky and make Dial soap look something like Jaromir Jagr’s hockey stick. The thing has a curve in it that just ain’t right.


In the NHL they have rules about such obscene bends. I think I need to call in the refs to check to see if Dial has really gone off the deep end. Break out the stick curve gauge guys….


” What’s the big deal”, you ask?  “That looks good, contoured to for easy washing!”, you insist.  Hooey!

The average lifespan for a bar of Dial seems to be down about 30% now.  Looks to be a pure money grab by the ‘good folks’ at the Dial Corporation.  With the bend in the soap you wind up working through the skinny middle and the soap breaks into two ends far sooner than it used to.  Back in the good old days when Dial was just a big three dimensional rectangle you could usually work a bar down to nothingness.  Now the bottom of my shower is littered with broken ends of Dial.

Dial, I beseech you, stop the insanity!

0 thoughts on “Two Minute Minor: Illegal Equipment

  1. I think I would be annoyed also if the soap we used started breaking in the middle, causing me to deal with two pieces of useless soap instead of the 1 piece we seem to wear down to microsopic levels.


  2. Not so PG, it is to make your life easier. Now when the soap breaks in the middle (as mine always seems to do) you have a spot to place the broken soap pieces. That is, if you do the soap meld thing. I’m cheap and do it, much to the dismay of my wife.

    Russ’s last blog post..Good Weekend by Russ


  3. Bastards! Same thing happened with my hummus! They made the container (convex? concave?-someone help me). But what it did was cheat me out of much more hummus since there was a nice mount of plastic in the middle of the container where Hummus should have been.


    Sister Sassy’s last blog post..Playground Politics


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