“W8 Loss Wednesday” Episode 16

Week 16!  Wow!  That’s almost FOUR MONTHS!

Also Week 2 of the Six pound showdown.

Check out the results to see if I will be Breaking Away from the pack.


Oh, and I forgot to credit that little struggling indie rock act from Athens GA!  They might not make it without me plugging them!

Check out The other Showdown participants…  Jim’s video is already up

Scott’s will be up at some point.

0 thoughts on ““W8 Loss Wednesday” Episode 16

  1. I can’t figure out if I’m laughing becasue of the video or because I just sat through the video. Without a doubt that is the funniest thing I’ve sen all day. Of course it’s only 7:45 in the morning, the twins are still in bed, and I’ve got lots of coffee left. But it’s a good start.

    Ed (zoesdad)’s last blog post..The Incredible Likeness of Me


  2. Dude, what did I just watch? Were you riding around in a circle? LOL! Made me dizzy. I wanted to let you know I would crush you in BBall, saw the hoop and had to talk trash. Good work on the weight loss, I see my boosting of the other contestants had an effect on you. They are still the front runners in my mind. (Reverse psychology – I am hoping it helps)


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