A Presidential Race Everyone Can Enjoy

My sister (the Ordinary Hero) sent my brothers and me an email yesterday highlighting the Washington Nationals Presidents Race. What an awesome ballpark entertainment nugget!

Picture this, giant headed versions of the Rushmore presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, & T. Roosevelt) racing from centerfield across the warning track to right field and down the right field line to the dugout in the middle of the fourth inning at each Nationals home game.

Better yet, don’t picture it. Watch a video…

The thing is it seems Teddy is yet to win a race. There is even a site dedicated to Teddy’s plight called LetTeddyWin.com. While we all like an underdog “Let” Teddy win seems a bit off. Did anyone “Let” the Red Sox win in 2004, has anyone “Let’ the Cubs win? Teddy, you can do it man! Don’t let anyone “Let” you!

Seriouslly though, check out the site, there are a bunch more videos there, some stats and general info. It’s solid stuff. I have no reason to plug it, but it’s a load of fun.

Milwaukee may have started the oversized head race craze (at least here in the States) and Pittsburgh may have racing pierogi, but I stand firmly behind our forefathers.


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