9:17pm Inbound


Alright this is a shameless “look at my handiwork!” post.

I took this on day 147 of my 365, but for some reason chose Batman as my post for that day.

A few days have passed and I just wanted to share this afterall.  Some of you may have already seen it as it resides on my Cre8Buzz page, my JPG Magazine page and was also part of the Daddyshack Scavenger Hunt.  But I wanted to post it here anyway.  It’s one of my favorites I’ve snapped this year.

Done WITHOUT tripod even!  1.3 second exposure f 2.8.  Had only the one shot at it (they don’t usually back the train up to make a second entrance into the station for goofball shutterbugs) and I wasn’t sure how much light the reflection off the sliver train would throw. No post processing.

0 thoughts on “9:17pm Inbound

  1. Very Cool Pat ! Love it ! I got a couple semi cool subway shots when I was in Boston recently, but nothing this cool.

    Have you taken any on the way to a Red Sox game ? I would insert one here but am not sure how or even if I can ?


  2. well, i was leaning against a railing and the platform was steady. so not a herculean effort by any stretch, but still a bit lucky I didn’t get much/any camera shake.


  3. So.

    This was tripodless.

    And you still call yourself a hack.

    *Rupe shakes head back & forth in awe*

    ………………………………. Ruprecht


  4. Choose one:

    (a) Sometimes the dumbest farmer grows the biggest corn.

    (b) Sometimes the blind squirrel finds an acorn.

    (c) Give enough monkeys enough time and enough typewriters… and one will eventually type the Gettysburg Address.

    Nah, just kidding – great work!

    Rick Astleys last blog post..Split


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