Go To Cre8Buzz.com NOW! (well after you read/watch this post)

In this video I officially bow out of the W8 Loss Wednesday game.  I may still do fitness/wellness themed videos but I am not really trying to lose anymore weight.

But the main thrust of this video has be telling you to get your rear end over to Cre8Buzz! What I lack in preparation and eloquence, hopefully I make up for in sincerity and cuteness (my daughter’s not mine).


I really enjoy Cre8Buzz.  If I had not found Cre8Buzz (and when I say found I mean if James from Quirkee and Daddyshack hadn’t told me to go to the Buzz) I don’t know that I would have kept blogging.  So the world is a better place because of Cre8Buzz!

The people you will find at the Buzz are great, there is a level of genuineness there that you don’t seem to find in a lot of social media type sites.

If you are a blogger and don’t have a page at the Buzz you should get over there pronto and set up a page, bop around a bit and make some connections.  You will get some solid exposure.  The site may not be huge but the people care and will check out your stuff.

If you don’t blog, that’s cool,  you can still use the site.  You can blog right there on the site, upload your other content that you might have (videos, photos etc) or you can just use the Buzz to find other peoples great content. The Buzz Ranking system makes it easy to find awesome stuff.

If you are already a Buzzer and have been active, great!  If you have inched away from the Buzz, get back.  Rank some stuff, leave some comments, get involved.

Sadly the Buzz is langushing, it needs us to be active.  I don’t want to see the Buzz fall into nothingness, so let’s get on it people.  Grow the site, make it thrive.

0 thoughts on “Go To Cre8Buzz.com NOW! (well after you read/watch this post)

  1. VD: no need for sorry. I am cool where I am and I will figure out more ways to make a fool of myself for regular vids.
    Theo: Morgan Spurlock already did that.


  2. Ahhh…but Morgan didn’t relentlessly throw his kids in front of the camera. You can combine the best of Spurlock and the Lohan family!


  3. I tip my 40 to W8loss Wed. I loved doing it too, but with my work schedule now it is close to impossible to the video portion week after week. I’m going to give the Buff Dad program an honest go, however, and like you, I’ve been bitten by the video bug so I plan on still putting up videos from time to time.

    BusyDads last blog post..I Must Really Like You Guys


  4. I was all bummed still absorbing the sad news about losing my weekly fix of Mr Scale … but then my godaughter arrived and made everything all right. And she talks! Real words! That is a new development since I was last in the US!


  5. I like cre8buzz a lot. I haven’t had a lot of free time lately to post there but I plan to get back in the swing of things as soon as we are totally settled into our new place in Tennessee.

    marshas last blog post..A Rainy Day


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