Project 365 First Half Almanac

//  6 Months  //  26 Weeks  // 183 Days  //

All in a flash.

Here are some factoids relating to my Project 365 at the halfway point….

  • I have taken over 6,000 photos.
  • Of those, I have uploaded over 1,000 to flickr.
  • From those I have chosen 186 to represent the 183 days.  Three days have multiple images.
  • 110 days the selected photo has been taken in or around my home.  You don’t have to go out on wild photo safaris to do a 365.
  • 94 days are represented by indoor photos, 89 out of doors.
  • Nine selected photos were shot with my camera phone.  The remainder with my wife’s Kodak Z650.  You don’t need a fancy pants camera to do a 365.
  • Three states are represented. Massachusetts, Rhode Island & New Hampshire.  Haven’t done much traveling so far this year.

I have enjoyed my 365 immensely.  Sure, there have been days where the camera seemed to weigh a ton, impossible to pickup.  Those days you just take a shot and move on.  Most days, however, have been an amazing experience.  Trying new things, learning about photography, my camera, myself.

I would encourage anyone to take up a 365.  Too daunting?  Commit to a month.  I feel strongly that there is value here.

And now, my top 5 Favs (in chronological order)….






Circle + Handmade + Edible & 166/365





None of the kids!  Go figure.

You can view the whole set on Flickr.  What are your favorites?

0 thoughts on “Project 365 First Half Almanac

  1. 1st, congratulations on making it halfway.

    2nd, I liked the water shot (from the hose) and the shot of John jumping. I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of them now.


  2. #65 First day of Little League practice -the bench with the water bottles.

    And any with the family, of course, but that may be for different reasons! I am glad my time away has pretty much coincided with Project 365 – it assures me updated pictures of the kids pretty regularly.

    Hmm, your favorites are all from 129 on…so, it took you 4+ months to get good??


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