Annoyingly Boring Weigh In 9.22.2008

Either early this week or late from last week I bring you my weigh in.

As I have said in past videos, it’s all about small incremental changes when it comes to getting fit.  Move your body, any way you can.

Take laundry upstairs a small pile at a time, don’t load it all into the basket.  This will maximize trips up and down stairs.

Take the stairs at work (helps you be ‘green’ too).

Park further away (another green item – don’t waste gas looking for that Costanza spot).

Little things like that can add up and you will see changes.

0 thoughts on “Annoyingly Boring Weigh In 9.22.2008

  1. Ha! Love the vid as always. My garbagemen always make sure I get exercise after pickup day; I have to jog down the street, collecting all the crap they fail to accurately throw into the truck.

    Are you sure you aren’t lighter just because you shaved??? 😉

    Maureens last blog post..Plum Good


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