It’s Almost Enough To Make You Overlook The Fact That the Pizza Isn’t All That Good

I enjoy pizza.

I really enjoy a good pizza.

Last night we had Domino’s.

I enjoyed it.

Usually we order Domino’s only when the kids’ school has a “dough raiser” night.  Our local Domino’s donates 20% of that night’s sales to our kids’ school.  Aside from dough raisers, Domino’s is typically a fair bit down the list of pizza options.

I placed the order online (I’m like that) and once the order was placed I was greeted by a confirmation page displaying the “Pizza Tracker”.

Thanks Jenn. Good Work!

The kids (and I) got a big kick out of watching the progress of our pizza in real time.  From receipt of the order, to prep, to baking, to box, to delivery you can watch the progress.  Well, you can watch a progress meter.  It’s not as though you can watch the pie go in the oven.

The tracker not only tells you when things are happening, but who is working on your order.  Yesterday, Jenn put our pizza in the oven at 4:40pm.  At 4:59 Ryan left the store with our pizzas.

The kids got a big kick of greeting Ryan at the door by name when he came.  I don’t think Ryan had been indoctrinated regarding the Pizza Tracker, he seemed rather surprised that my 10, 8 and 6 year old all ‘knew’ him.  Had I not been trying to do four things at once I would have taken a photo of Ryan for my Project 365.

Ryan's on the way!

Once you have gotten your pies and chowed down, there is a place on the tracker to rate the experience, from ordering to delivery, to taste.  1-5 stars for each aspect, and a final text box for a brief message on the experience.

Online gimmick? You betcha.  Novelty? Sure.  Still a good idea.  I applaud Domino’s for the offering. It’s not going to make me order from them more often, but if they use it correctly the feedback they capture could be put to good use.

Oh, the pizza was good enough for me to stuff my face with left overs when I got home from work last night and again for breakfast this morning.  So I guess it’s really not bad.

0 thoughts on “It’s Almost Enough To Make You Overlook The Fact That the Pizza Isn’t All That Good

  1. I can’t get behind on the online pizza thing. I’ve tried, and every time the order is goofed up. Nine times out of ten, I concede, is operator error. But I hate paying full price and am always trying to use a coupon or some other discount which is what usually screws up the order. The last time I tried to order online, my order was doubled. Thankfully I caught it on the confirmation side and corrected it, by phone.

    Russs last blog post..TV, by Russ


  2. Thankfully we have a couple of pizza joints within walking distance. Call them up and it’s ready by the time you drop by. I don’t trust the online stuff either. If its wrong your stuck…

    Mikes last blog post..Frozen Peas


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