Regrowing the Goat (251/365)

Project 365 // Day 251


As documented on this site and in the first photo of this mosiac, I recently shaved off my facial hair.  I immediatly started growing it again.  I thought it might be interesting if I documented it’s growth.  Each day I have taken a head shot from approximately the same angle and distance.

The last photo in the mosaic was taken this afternoon.  Interestingly the first and the current regrowth shots I am wearing the same t-shirt and the only ones where I am wearing a hat other than my green Sox cap.

Also, since this is the 9th of the month, it is self portrait day. This is the 9th such self portrait.

0 thoughts on “Regrowing the Goat (251/365)

  1. Agrees with Ed: That IS a crapload of PG.

    (Rupe wonders if you know you’re wearin’ a “Boston” hat. Rupe’s just sayin’ …..)

    As soon as Rupe saw this, he thought: “Hmmmmm …. this would make terrific blog-fodder, especially if each and every one of these photos were graced with individual captions.”

    *Rupe wrings hands, waits for permission*

    Nice self-portrait, PG. If’n only Rupe was so bold …..

    Ruprechts last blog post..Wordsmithery


  2. the mosaic is on flickr with a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Creative Commons license. Basically, do what you like with it aside from use for commercial purposes.


  3. @Rick Astley: I was at the 5+ hour Sox game. Didn’t think I’d be home in time to get a shot done that day, so pulled out the camera phone and took the shot.

    It was cold Sunday night.


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