BOO’d (256/365)

Project 365 // Day 256


We were hit with a “Boo” yesterday.

This is a neighborhood tradition. At some point leading up to Halloween you will find that a neighborly goblin has left a goodie basket on your stairs.

In the basket you will usually find:

  • some candy
  • some sort of trinkets the kids will get a kick out of (we received some halloweeny drinking straws)
  • a “Boo” sign
  • a poem

The poem reads…

Happy Halloween!

This treat is for you, we hope you enjoy,
The idea is simple, one we hope you employ.
You pass “Boo” along to two other neighbors,
Along with any kind of Halloween favors.
If we all do our part, and spread the good cheer,
By Halloween night it will be very clear,
We’re a friendly bunch, we like to share fun.
So please do your part to keep
Boo on the run!

So you hang out your “Boo” so everyone knows you have been “Boo”d and put together two “Boo” baskets and turn them around to two other neighbors who haven’t been “Boo”d yet.

Our baskets are ready to go. I’ll take our little goblins out tomorrow to share the fun.

0 thoughts on “BOO’d (256/365)

  1. Unfortunately, they have the same ‘tradition’ around here.

    Personally, I wish the neighbors would just keep their bags of junk – we have no use for them in our house. I mean, if I wanted a plastic ring in the shape of a ghost I’d go to the arcade and play some skeeball or something.

    Rick Astleys last blog post..Is My Friend Prescient?


  2. I thought the post was a comment on Varitek and how might he bow out gracefully. If this was Japan, I’d hold out hope. Since this is MLB and Boras is in the picture, I fear for the worst.

    Oh, our ‘hood Boos, toos.


  3. Clearly I have been living on some other planet…I have never heard of this!! We barely had trick or treaters in my neighborhood.


  4. @rick: party pooper. it’s fun for the kids.

    @russ: my in-laws started it in their 55+ golf community. lol

    @S-A-M: run with it!

    @hockeyman: hmmmm, not sure. shall I try it?

    @kim: we are pretty lucky with neighbors overall

    @joe: last call for Tek tomorrow night? Go Phils!

    @theo: I forget, are you stadler or waldorf?

    @momo: yup. we’re all about going ninja on the ‘booing’

    @sis: I had never heard of it until we moved in here.


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