Brink Pink (257/365)

Project 365 // Day 257


Brink Pink

In 1997 Crayola held a contest asking children to nominate a “True Blue Hero”.  Those chosen would have a color named after them.  Frank Brink, a local teacher, was selected to be honored.

My wife had Mr. Brink as a teacher when she was in school and remembers his classes fondly.

When we visited the Crayola factory a few years back we bought a fistful of Brink Pinks.

Oh, and yeah – this was another day that I didn’t have too much else.  Took about 25 shots of this damn crayon.  Used the flashlight from Day 255 fame (and Day 230 too) to light the shot.

0 thoughts on “Brink Pink (257/365)

  1. From the old home office (the one in Milwaukee)…

    Top Ten Rejected Crayola Colors:

    10. Bruise purple

    9. Bus station brown

    8. Exxon spill gray

    7. Shecky green

    6. Scorched Flesh

    5. Off Whitey

    4. You’re just plain yellow

    3. Ochre Winfrey

    2. Jaundice

    1. Cholesterol Beige


  2. @bryan:

    it’s a plastic folder, dark blue. got lucky really. i didn’t really plan on the reflection. happy accidents, that’s my photo style i guess


  3. ha ha too funny. My daughter was the kid who named Brink Pink after Mr. Brink, and for a minute there I thought you meant the crayon name was boring!!!


  4. Do you know what were the colors for the other seven winners? I discovered that only Brink Pink made it on the list of Crayola Crayon Colors in Wikipedia. Someone noted “Brink Pink” may be a typing error. For some reason, I had to find out for myself and did an internet search on the color. I found your post and articles verify the names of the seven others “True Blue Hereos” plus Brink, but now I cannot figure out what other colors were the additional seven. Um, make sense?

    I want to fix this information on Wikipedia (not sure how I got on the subject) and was hoping you could lead me in some direction.



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