Reverse Jinx! (258/365)

Project 365 // Day 258

Reverse Jinx? & 258/365

The Boston Red Sox are playing in the American League Championship Series against the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Sox trailed the best of seven game series 3 games to 1.  They were trailing in the game 7-0.  They were playing dead.  Nothing going on.  No spark.  I have been marking the results of every game this season on a Red Sox calendar my sister gave me.  Before I left for work tonight it was the top of the 7th inning.  The Sox were still losing 7-0.

I marked the game with an “L” and put a “THE END” on the season…  in hopes that maybe, just maybe I could invoke a reverse jinx.

As I was driving home the Sox got a run, and then three more.  7-4 when I got home.  They went on to tie it in the 8th inning…..


All because of my reverse jinx.  Honest.

This photo will likely be the technically worst photo I post to my 365.  But should the Sox use this as a launching point it will be the best!

0 thoughts on “Reverse Jinx! (258/365)

  1. Good work! On the reverse jinx-not the photo (blurry much?). I thought that was the Red Seat calendar!! I recognized the font as I have the same one hanging in my office here in Guyana.


  2. As you know, I gave up even earlier – precisely 9:10PM. Judging from their at bats against Kazmir I was sure they had quit. And the furniture in my house is grateful I didn’t have to see Delcarman pitch.

    Anyway, when I woke up I checked the pager. It updates sporadically during the night, and I scrolled through each update, slowly at first, then quicker and quicker

    7-0………… 7-4……. 7-6…. 7-7.. 8-7 (F).

    I let out a scream, ran back upstairs and woke up Heather then went down the hall and woke up my son.


    Rick Astleys last blog post..All The Live Long Day


  3. Then his wife and son said, “We know. We stayed up and watched the whole game, because we’re not disgraceful, fair-weather fans.”


  4. @theo: I’d consider doing same, but I think I may have soiled myself a lil bit!

    @sis: can’t be THAT blurry, you could ID the calendar! LOL. sometimes the subject is so important it overrides the want for a quality photo.

    @rick: i emailed theo and said ‘think we should call the house?’ he replied, ‘call collect’
    i laughed.

    @theo: it’s just nice to see you dogging somebody other than myself.

    @darren: great might be an understatement if they wind up winning this series.
    oh, and i’m not locked in to a calendar year. as i see it since i started feb 2, i can still do it as a 365.


  5. Oh, we watched it too… what a game! I was thinking about you and wondering if you were there.

    But I had to laugh at the fools who left early; I’ll bet they are kicking themselves for missing the most exciting game of the year!!!!

    Maureens last blog post..Too Many Choices


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