Great Content, No Readers?

No, not me – I have mediocre content and some readers.

Think about it though… I bet there blogs you read regularly that are top notch in terms of quality but nobody else seems to know about them.  It happens.  I know I’ve got a few that I really enjoy in my feed reader that deserve a wider audience. Perhaps I will highlight them in coming weeks. But even if I do, what can one man with a small-ish reader base really accomplish.

Seems that’s what Chuck Westbrook was thinking too.  He recently posted an idea on how, as a collective, we can get some quality blogs with small readership some eyeballs looking at them.  As a group we will all hit up a new blog and commit to reading it for two weeks. If you like it, stick with it, if not, dump the feed.  When the two weeks are up then it’s on to a new one for another two week read.

Chuck explains it more thoroughly on his site. Go read his post, and if you like the idea too, create a post (or just leave a comment) to express your interest and let’s see where this takes us.  Who knows, it might flop, it might be a runaway success, but maybe, just maybe you might find a new favorite blog.

0 thoughts on “Great Content, No Readers?

  1. That sound like a good idea. I’d be up for checking out new blogs. And, I’d put mine up on the list as well. I just need a couple of weeks since I just switched from TypePad to WordPress.

    One idea would be to build a PBwiki then people could add there blogs there then we could go through them.

    Jesse Lunas last blog post..Living in the Credit State


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