Democracy in Action

I received the post below as an email from my sister, (the Ordinary Hero) today.

I had asked her a couple times if she’d be interested in providing a guest post from Guyana.  She has said we’ll see.  I don’t know if when she sent the email if she thought I might ask if I could republish it, but I did, and she agreed.  So, sis – consider this your guest post…

Democracy in action.

This morning I was at the US Embassy doing paperwork for my passport renewal. When I arrived there was a little old lady (cane, hunched over, frail) at the US citizen’s services window. She kept going back and forth- service window, get some instructions explained, near-crawl back to writing counter, lots of deliberate writing, slow shuffle back to service window with a question, etc (lather, rinse, repeat) for literally a full half hour. It was painful to watch but she just kept at it and the window person was very patient also. Well, it turns out she was voting (on the last trip I heard her ask how to spell Barack)! That is commitment.

When she was leaving I asked if she just voted. When she said “yes” I congratulated her and she just absolutely beamed. She said you have to do you duty (she is registered in NC). I agreed. When I finished my paperwork the consular agent, with the State Dept issue portraits of GWB, Cheney, and Condi looking down on us from the wall, asked me if I wanted to vote. I was happy to say I already had.

If one vote really can make a difference, I hope it is hers!

And, while I also have the same hope as my sister, no matter who you support in the upcoming election, go out and vote. If the little old lady in Georgetown Guyana can, you can too.

0 thoughts on “Democracy in Action

  1. Great post! It looks like you Americans will outdo us Canucks on turnout numbers this time; usually we have a lot more, but this past election was really just a fait accompli…

    Can’t wait for it all to be over, though!


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