Yes, We Can. And Did. But….

(not usually one to talk politics, but in the euphoria of watching President Elect Obama speak tonight it struck me that)…

there is soooooo much more to to.

Troubling ballot initiative results in Cali, Arizona, Florida, and maybe most unsettling Arkansas.

For what it’s worth…
Barack’s parent’s marriage was illegal in 17 states at the time of his birth

Call me a bleeding heart liberal, but I believe what I believe.

oh.. and one last thing.  Now that he’s the President Elect, can we get “Barack” and “Obama” universally added to spellcheckers all around?

0 thoughts on “Yes, We Can. And Did. But….

  1. Troubling is a bit of an understatement. I’m straight up disgusted with the people of Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, and what looks like California right now. (All precincts aren’t in yet.) These are the same people trying to act like they don’t want government intrusion into their lives when they talk about abortion, guns, and health care, but suddenly want to shoehorn the government into something as intimate and private as marriage and family when it comes to gay rights. It’s time to stop saying that they are anything other than bigoted, small-minded assholes that are too insecure and afraid of “the other” to really be taken seriously. Fucking morons.


    Hopss last blog post..Yes We Did


  2. Hops don’t be disgusted with all of us in Florida, there were a few of us who voted against the amendment. There is so much more to do, I just hope we can, as a country, get behind our new president and make those changes we were promised during the campaign.

    Tara R.s last blog post..Random Wednesday ~ you decide


  3. Yeah, pretty amazing that we finally get a President who is not an old, white man, but people are afraid of … gay marriage? If you don’t like it, don’t do it!

    Have you heard that there’s recently been a run on guns because some people think democrats will outlaw weapons?! These are the kind of people who voted against same-sex marriage.

    Maris last blog post..Shoe Envy


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