0 thoughts on “Rudy (284/365)

  1. As a Florida native, and a proud citzen of the greatest country, you have my never ending thanks. GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU.


  2. He is a retired GySgt. NOT a Sergeant Major! Whi8le he did serve in WWII and was in Korea after the fighting was over – he never served in Vietnam, nor was he awarded the Silver Star and 3 Purple Hearts. We checked this out via a FOIA request to the National Personnel Records Center. He needs to stop “embellishing” his service!


  3. Jim is right! Gunny Wieners never seen any war action at all. He is a total bullshit artist. More is coming out about the Gunny. He said he was wounded in Korea and was in the hospital for many month learning how to do everyday living things that we take for granted. I will tell you he did lots for Toy For Tots, I do have to give him credit for that, but that is about all!
    Jim how did you find out in June?


  4. I hope that he was what he sports on hist Blues. From what i gather he was a Recon Marine who served, was wounded and according to the years of service, could have reach the rank he wears.

    I find it hard to belive that a Staff NCO would wear pins,ribbons, rank insignia, etc. that he did not earn.

    How could I confirm that information?


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