Hybrid (288/365)

Project 365 // Day 288

hybrid & 288/365

Taken for the Daddyshack Photo Scavenger Hunt.  The item I was looking for was “hybrid”

My son, using this club, wound up second overall in a closest to the pin competition at our church’s annual golf outing.  Doing so earned him the created only the fly MVK (Most Valuable Kid) award and a gift certificate to the pro shop.

This was a really tough shot to get.  The lighting was really hard.  Flash was too harsh, no flash the writing on the bottom of the club was hard to make out.  I took abotu 30 shots and this was the only one that was even close to suitable.

0 thoughts on “Hybrid (288/365)

  1. I was on my back for a good 10 minutes. I never felt as though I was in danger. Camera angle was such that it looks like I was closer than I was. But the first thing I said to him was “DON’T SWING THE CLUB”


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