Happy Birthday Dad! (289/365)

Project 365 // Day 289


Today was my Dad’s 80th birthday.  Superman’s got nothing on him. Mickey Mouse either. (Mickey was also ‘born’ 80 years ago today.

We had a small family gathering of about 22 for a nice Sunday dinner.  Only problem is we were in a darkish room with glossy black walls.  Made photos tough.  Oh well, no matter.  You still look great Dad!

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad! (289/365)

  1. My mom turned 80 last November. My sister threw a huge party with more than a hundred guests, including a county commissioner who declared it “FabGrandma’s Mom Day” in the county where she lives. It was great fun, but the best part of it for me was that I wrote about it on my blog, and a long lost cousin happened to find it, and came to visit my mother this summer. Mama had not seen her niece in more than 40 years.

    Karens last blog post..Project 365 Day 44 Cactus


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