0 thoughts on “Where’s George (290/365)

  1. Marking dollar bills is not necessarily illegal. Doing so in a deceptive or fraudulent manner – or in such a way as to render them unusable – yeah, that can cause you a problem. Check with the US Treasury for more details.

    Personally, I choose to only track my c-notes. I find that Ben travels in far more interesting circles than George.

    Rick Astleys last blog post..Chief Pontiac


  2. I only have about 160 hits, but I still get a kick out of getting the wheresgeorge email telling me my bill has been re-entered. I’m in Oklahoma at 3/4 of mine stay here or go to Texas. It’s fun when they do end up in NY. I actually did have one go overseas, and was entered in Iraq. That’s cool, because I can get my 7 year old to come check out the globe and actually learn something new.


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