Seems My Old Host Went Poof

My former host, Vizaweb, has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth.

Luckily, I ran away from Vizaweb as fast as I could when my account was up for renewal. There was a day when Vizaweb was actually a solid little host, Leo Laporte even sang their praises at one time. Even after I cancelled my account prior to renewal last time Vizaweb still billed me and I had to fight the charge with my credit card company, but that’s a different, albeit somewhat related story.

I had a bunch of hits from search engines yesterday and today for people searching “Vizaweb” and “Vizaweb sucks”.  If you are one of those people, you have my sympathy. Check out Lunarpages.

I switched to Lunarpages after I wised up. I have nothing to benefit from anyone doing business with Lunarpages (no affilate account or anything), just spreading the word on a host I have been really  happy with.

Good Luck Vizaweb Refugees

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