Stand Up and Take a Bow, Bryan

The following is my entry into Wayfaring Wanderer’s Project Inspiration. She’s looking for us to share a post about a photographer (blogger or not) who inspires us. Hey, there’s even a sweet prize up for grabs! Here goes…


I didn’t know this last year at this time, but I love photography. I love producing images. Really love it. Odds are I still wouldn’t know it if I hadn’t come across Bryan’s site.

When I came across his site Bryan was well into his Project 365 – posting at least one new photo taken that day, every day, for a year. The idea seemed brilliant, I thought about doing it, but it also seemed very daunting. I did nothing. I am home days with the kids, and there are times I don’t leave the house until it’s time to go to work in the evening. I wasn’t sure if there was enough fodder for a 365 in my days.

Bryan is a Dad at home with his daughter (since joined by her little brother) and many days he does nothing seemingly spectacular. But that mattered not to him. Bryan’s shots are amazing. Bryan makes the everyday extraordinary, yet eminently approachable. The photos give off such warmth; they speak volumes about the joys and troubles of being home your kids and the benefits of chronicling it all each day.

It was almost instantly that I decided I had to start my own. I am pleased to say that along the way Bryan and I have stuck up a friendship. We discus all manner of things, music, tv, the project. Hell, I even get some photo tips from him. In fact I have noticed myself, half-subconsciously producing photos that have that certain Bryan look and feel to them from time to time…


What is it they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery?

Well there you have it, my photo man-crush revealed. My inspiration for jumping headlong into 365, and therefore my inspiration to become more than just a goofy guy taking family snapshots realized.

I might not be a seasoned accomplished artist yet, but I do feel that I have it in me. And that is something I could not have said before I crossed paths with Bryan.

Thanks man.

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