Maybe I Should Change My Name To “P@”

Poor @.

@ is just NOT getting the respect it deserves here people.

Hell, you can’t even send an email without it. That’s HUGE.

Yet it doesn’t have a fancy name like it highfalutin cousin…


Why the hell does & get “Ampersand” and @ gets… well… squat? It just gets “at”. Seems harsh, no?

Oh sure, officially it’s called “Commercial At”, but that’s boring. Plus calling it “commercial” seems a bit of a slap in the face really. @ digs indie rock, only goes to the locally owned coffee place and loved Juno. Make no mistake, @ is no sellout.

So, yeah, maybe I will change from Pat to P@. Just so I can stand by @ and say, I am with you brother (or is it sister? Oooh, that’s potentially an awkward moment)

Either way its name change time or maybe I could move to some other country. Why some other country?

Well, seems @ gets some love overseas. Many other nations have graced @ with some pretty cool names….

Good old Wikipedia reports that…

  • In Armenian it is “shnik” which means puppy. Awwww, everybody loves puppies.
  • In Belarusian it’s called (“snail”) Makes sense
  • In Croatian it is informally called manki, coming from the local pronunciation of the English word, monkey. (The Croatian word for monkey, majmun, is not used to denote @.) This is the Inspector Clouseau method.
  • In Greek, it is most often referred to as papaki , meaning “duckling,” due to the similarity it bears with comic character designs for ducks. Seems a bit of a stretch, but still beats “at”
  • In Tagalog it is commonly called utong (“nipple”). Hmmm, still alright I guess.
  • In Hungarian it is officially called kukac (“worm, mite, or maggot”). Alright maybe that one isn’t so nice.

Alright, I am not going anywhere, I just can’t be bothered. Moving is a pain in the ass. And the name change seems a bit of trouble too. Screw it. Maybe I’ll just buy some of these.

0 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Change My Name To “P@”

  1. Th@t’s cool but if I had them my friends @ work would really know I’m a geek. Thanks for clarifying the name, I thought it had a fancy name so always told people “hit the At key above number 2” and felt embarrassed for not knowing it’s real name.

    We should invent a name.

    Orlunds last blog post..Pick A Tree


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