Here’s The Mail, It Never Fails. (320/365)

Project 365 // Day 320


As I have mentioned, James magnanimously sent me his ‘old’ camera, a Nikon D70. His D70, when new, ran him about $1000.00.  Nothing to sneeze at.  I have been really enjoying playing with it.

Last night I saw him online and thanked him again for sending it.  I did say, somewhat sheepishly (who am I to complain), the only problem is that I feel like I am shooting from the next county with the 70-300mm lens that was sent.

He was a bit confused. He was sure he’d sent along a 28-100mm lens too.  He took a second look and what do you know?  It was in his pack still.

So this shot is dedicated to James. A shot I likely would not have captured if I hadn’t had a 70-300 lens on the camera at all times. In fact I was sitting on my rear end in the living room when I shot this. It was taken through a closed window.

I am told that the other lens will come.  Until then I will continue to see the world from 100 feet away. It’s all good James. Honest.

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