Fogg Building (321/365)

Project 365 // Day 321


From Weymouth MA’s web site’s about pages…

Fogg Opera House – Built several years before the Library, in 1888, again by the Fogg family, the Opera House’s architectural style is Richardson Romanesque. It is a large building and is a dominant feature in Colombian Square. Its most distinctive feature is the tall octagonal tower at the junction of the two main facades. The building was originally built for an Opera House with a hall for public assemblies on the second floor and shops and banks on the first floor. The Opera House has been converted to apartments with the ground floor altered to accommodate retail businesses.

The libary is slightly visable in the reflection.  This doorway is but a small part of the building. Check out a 1938 aerial shot of Columbian Square to get an idea of it’s scope. The church in the old aerial is Old South Union, which I have featured before, and there some others in my Flickr stream.

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