Dunkin’ Donuts & Sweet Baby Jesus (322/365)

Project 365 // Day 322


Snow storm today (some photos here) was substantial enough for my work to waive off us second shifters.

That meant that we could all do the tree together.

Once my wife strung the lights (they are like kryptonite to me), the kids put most of the ornaments up and i handled the top portion of the tree and some breakable ornaments that the kids were nervous about putting up.

Not sure who’s responsible for putting the Dunkin’ Dounts cup next to the walnut cradle baby Jesus (or vice-versa) but I am sure walnut cradle baby Jesus apreciates it.

0 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Donuts & Sweet Baby Jesus (322/365)

  1. Ceiling fan is just a reflection Rick…but it is looking nice there with the lamps reflected! As for the “Dunkin’ Dounts cup”, for Baby Jesus it is Huge and more of a “Dunkin’ Dounts TUB”…can be used for bathing if baby does not like Coffee!


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