Bleakney Drive (335/365)

Project 365 // Day 335


New Year’s Day. I didn’t swim today.

Wimped out as the temp at the time of the swim was about 15F.

It was also a sure fire way to make sure that my 10 year old didn’t feel cheated if I swam and I told him no. Maybe next year bud.

I did go shoot the event and, man was it cold. My shutter finger was barely working, nearly frozen stiff, by the time the swimmers headed for the water. The crew I had been swimming with in past years has unfortunately disbanded so the swim that I shot was that of the  Frozen Wildcats, a fund raising effort for the Weymouth High School athletic program.

On my way back home from Wessagussett beach, I swung by two local historic sites. Couldn’t pass up a chance to show the kids the birthplace of our nation’s second First Lady, Abagail Adams.

Nearly as impressive is the childhood haunt of none other than Southwestern Ohio’s preeminent photo-blogger.  I had forgotten all about the sweet street sign that hangs in that neck of the woods.

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