Space 340 (340/365)

Project 365 // Day 340


Didn’t have much going in way of inspiration today so I went to a place I have had good luck with – The local MBTA commuter rail train station.

Pulled into a space and started shooting, anything really. Walked back to the car and noticed I was in space 337. Thought to myself that I was close to that day on my 365. So maybe a few shots of today’s number would be clever…

Took about 40 shots of space 339. Got in the car and started thinking that I had made a mistake. Checked my site on my phone and sure enough today was 340. Had the girls with me (Terza and Quatra 😉 ) and at this point they were growing tired of Dad’s folly. So I jumped back out of the car and took just a couple more shots, this time of space 340.

0 thoughts on “Space 340 (340/365)

  1. What a cool idea! That’s funny that you took all those shots of 339, then had to go back. I’ve done something similar (going back to get a certain photo), and my daughter is everso patient–to a point.

    I like the textures caught in the background of this one. Nicely done.


  2. “Had the girls with me … and at this point they were growing tired of Dad’s folly.”

    tsk, tsk, tsk

    You’re in danger of becoming “one of those dads”, y’know?

    Have you noted the kids rolling their eyes a lot when you’re on your quests with them in tow?

    (Worry not, however. You’re in good company. Rupe’s girls are continuously exercising their orbs …..)

    ……………. Ruprecht

    P.S. You have questions.

    Ruprechts last blog post..Monkey Business


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