Not That You Asked

i iz not feelin to gudBut I am alive, and well(er than I was 36 hours ago).

Some sort of wicked stomach bug took up residence and made me pretty miserable last couple of days. In hindsight I think it was percolating for a few days, but really made it’s presence felt overnight Saturday into Sunday.

Laid on my back most of the day yesterday wishing myself well or sleeping.

Today I was up and about but as the day wore on I started to drag and feel generally icky. I think that, in part, that was due to the the fact I haven’t had much in the way of sustenance in the last day plus.

Fear not though, the Project 365 continues. Although it was just about the last thing I wanted to do Sunday I did take a couple shots before I hit the hay for the last time.

I will upload photos and post them at some point tonight or tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “Not That You Asked

  1. Rupe’s got same, Pat.

    Girls were wiped from there 4 performances over the last few days and the weekend. Pumped’em full drugs as the show must go on.

    I was the only one not affected …..

    ….. until Sunday evening.

    I felt it coming on and am now in full fledged coughing fits and achy-ness.

    Drugs and rest and Vitamin C.

    *hack, cough*

    Ruprechts last blog post..I Know What I’m Talkin’ About …


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