Post Tub (364/365)

Project 365 // Day 364


The drying of the hair just had to wait. She was being too damn cute.

As you can see I am nearly done with Year 1 of Project 365!  I will be doing a video post recapping my year some time next week.  This is your chance to ask me a question and I will answer it in my video.  You can post it here in comments or send it via email. Get the questions in! Ask anything – I will try to answer all questions.

0 thoughts on “Post Tub (364/365)

  1. *raises hand and waves it frantically*

    – How many licks does it take for you to get the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

    – Why did the chicken cross the road?

    – Why can’t I figure out how to send pics from my phone to flickr?

    – Can you fix that dripping noise in my toilet? (it’s making me batty)

    ps. your daughter is a little ray of sunshine.

    Pipers last blog post..Hollow Part


  2. 1. Do you feel any guilt whatsoever about exploiting your children for this website?

    2. Which of your children do you feel will be the biggest long-term disappointment to you and Mrs. Annoyingly Boring? Be honest, with both your readers and yourself.

    3. What, no mustard?

    4. What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    5. Did Jin survive the boat explosion? If so, did he make it back to the Island?


  3. (1) If one synchronised swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?

    (2) What’s another word for Thesaurus?

    (3) If a word in the dictionary were mispelled, how would we know?

    (4) What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

    (5) Is “tired old cliche” one?

    Rick Astleys last blog post..Frozen Berries


  4. What do you like most about me?
    Which of my posts is your favorite?
    Does it get tiring trying to live up to my standards?

    Ok – just kidding. My real question?
    How much revenue have you earned from ads since you started using them?

    Jeffs last blog post..A Year in Pictures


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