Everything Old Is New Again (1/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 1 v2.0

1/365 v2.0

What better way to start a new 365 than with one of my favorite subjects – shoes!

These shoes are a illustration of one sure sign of wintertime in New England…

… road salt

Oh, and last call to ask me a question about my experience on the project. I will likely shoot video tomorrow or Wednesday. Leave questions here or email me.

0 thoughts on “Everything Old Is New Again (1/365 v2.0)

  1. We’ve seen shoes, we’ve seen the bug’s eye view, we’ve seen peonies, we’ve seen the train station, we all agree that they are annoyingly boring. What’s going to be the new subjects/styles this year?

    The pics are great, any chance we’re going to get to read any new posts this year? You’re not living up to being annoying and boring.

    Why no (good) pics of the Mrs? Did she refuse to sign up for being annoying and boring? I’d think a disclaimer when she appears would work.

    How about some tips you’ve learned for shooting the perfect annoyingly boring photo?


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