Neither Snow Nor Sleet Nor… (2/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 2 v2.0

2/365 v2.0

I have made a non-resolution resolution this year to shoot people more often. If you go back and look at year one, you will see an alarming lack of photos of people who I am not related to. I am just not good at it. I always clam up and wimp out either asking for a shot or just shooting. Either way I just suck at it.

Anyway, one of my boys left his school lunch on the kitchen counter this morning. So, when I went to bring it up to the school I brought the camera with me. It was snowing and I thought there might be a photo-op somewhere.

After dropping off the lunch, I decided to go to the bustling downtown of out little corner of the map. I walked up and down the main drag shooting here and there. I wasn’t brave enough to ask the letter carrier if I could take his photo, I just kept walking past.  Therefore, I have not frontal shot, but baby steps people. Baby steps.

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