Eci Maerc Seip (40/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 40 v2.0

40/365 v2.0

Local ice cream parlor, Albertina’s, opened today after being closed all winter. Took the kids up for a treat.

As we were sitting eating there eating our frozen goodness, a local walked by. There was that “decisive moment” and I immediately went to grab the camera. Luckily the camera was set close to correct enough to capture the shot as I didn’t have time to change exposure settings.

At that very same point in time, my oldest said, “Dad, quick, get the camera and shoot that guy!”.

Awwww, he ‘gets it’.

0 thoughts on “Eci Maerc Seip (40/365 v2.0)

  1. That’s one of the coolest things of being a parent (among many) – when your kid thinks the same way you do, from some quirky perspective.

    Its the immediacy and the spontaneity of their response that will make you smile in such a situation. In a way it reveals something about ourselves (as humans, not just as individuals), something that we are aware of on one level but maybe not so aware of on another…how the “significance” of things differs from person to person and how quickly we pick out those significances in daily life, without much forethought.

    I mean its not just the composition of the image – Jr. is aware of irony and interesting juxtapositions. Its like humor..its simple but kind of complex at the same time.

    Thanks !


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