Brian O’Neill

I posed a while back about Angie & Brian O’Neill and how Angie was chronicling their life and Brian’s battle with brain cancer.

keepbelievingIt speaks volumes about Angie, Brian and their whole circle of friends and family that I (and hundreds others) have been completely engulfed in the concern for Brian and his whole family.

It also speaks volumes about the power of the internet (and of Angie’s skill in relating her emotions and thoughts at a time that one can’t really be totally expected to be have their “A-game”) that I was a reduced to a puddle upon reading of Brian’s passing this morning. This is a man and woman I never met, never spoke to.

Angie’s writing and Brian’s journey has touched me, has deepened my own faith. I can’t thank her enough for sharing the ups and downs, not pulling any punches along the way.

I ask that you lift Brian’s family up to whatever higher power you may believe in. I also ask that you swing by and just say a word on Angie’s site, don’t underestimate the power of these electronic connections. And finally, I share a link to a fund that will benefit Angie and her boys as the move into a new chapter in their lives. I am not asking you to donate, but if you are so moved I am sure the donation will be warmly received.


0 thoughts on “Brian O’Neill

  1. Yes, the power of connections over the internet should never be underestimated. Thank you for letting us know; I’ll be heading over there to express my condolences.


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