Inbounds & Outdoors (41 & 42/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 41 v2.0

41/365 v2.0

Saturday, as usual, was wall to wall basketball. That’s my boy making the cut to receive the indbounds pass.

Project 365 // Day 42

42/365 v2.0

If the weather cooperates at all this week, I should be spending a good deal of time in the yard. I never did much raking in the fall. The snow is gone and the leaves need to be dealt with.

0 thoughts on “Inbounds & Outdoors (41 & 42/365 v2.0)

  1. On the leaves, just put you mulching attachment on your mower and go to town. So much easier than raking (and you are feeding the lawn while you’re doing it). This assumes that you don’t have huge piles of leaves.

    Russs last blog post..Ugh 2, by Russ


  2. russ – i have a ‘lawn vacuum that will do the trick. just gotta get my rear end out there. this North-Northeast wind isn’t making it particularly pleasant out though.
    vegas – i’ll take my seasons and having to deal with the leaves most days, but sometimes the desert sounds niiiiiiice.
    rupe – Well Spotted! It is indeed a golf ball. I am useless with the sticks, but my boys are pretty good for 10 & 8. They have nice clubs than I do.


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