Bubba Graveyard (87/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 87 v2.0

87/365 v2.0

A Few years back Molson introduced the “Bubba” a mini-keg that came designed with hockey sweaters. They were localized so around here, and only around here you could get Boston Bruins Bubbas.

I learned that empty Bubbas were selling on eBay for upwards of $50.00 due to the fact that they were localized products and people were collecting them. I saw an opportunity to drink beer and make money!

I sold several Bubbas, but eventually the market dried up. I wound up with the overstock you see. Oh well. The beer was good and I did make a few bucks (even after buying a Red Wings Bubba).

Anyone want to buy a Bubba?

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